Special Terms and Conditions for Group Travel

These special terms and conditions will be applied for travel organised by Oy Pelimatkat Finland and for group travel customised for the group at its specific request. Oy Pelimatkat Finland’s terms and conditions for group travel:


A group is considered to be a party of at least six people who travel together with shared travel arrangements.


The travel offer accepted by the group indicates the services included in the price of the trip. Upon request, we will also provide the client/tour leader with a separate travel confirmation. The group’s contact person is obliged to inform the group members of the itinerary, the services included in the price, the terms and conditions of travel and any changes in the itinerary. The group’s contact person is also obliged to inform the group members of any changes in the price if the final size of the group is smaller than the number of people indicated in the accepted travel offer.


If we invoice each traveller separately, we will collect an invoicing charge of €20. If we send a shared invoice for the entire group, we will not collect a separate invoicing charge. The group’s contact person is obliged to inform the group members of any invoicing charge.


The price only includes the services mentioned in the travel offer or confirmation.


If the trip is subject to value-added tax, this will be included in the price and collected in accordance with the Finnish Tax Administration’s instructions. The VAT proportion is deductible for VAT-registered companies.


The group’s final list of participants along with the room and cabin divisions, places of departure and special wishes must be delivered to our office at least four weeks before the beginning of the trip. For any changes made after this, the travel agent is entitled to charge the fees indicated in the service price list.


Any tickets and vouchers will be delivered to the client about seven days before the departure date unless otherwise agreed. The client is obliged to check that the number of people and services ordered are correct.


In accordance with the general package tour terms and conditions, the office fees are €50 per person in the event of changes or cancellations, or €100 if the trip also includes flights.


Traveller changes and cancellations more than 30 days before departure: The entire group can be cancelled without any additional costs other than the reservation fee no later than 60 days before departure. 30–45 days before departure, it is possible to cancel 20% of the originally reserved places without any additional costs; cancellations exceeding this proportion will be subject to an office fee of €50 each. Changes to individual travellers will be processed as cancellations and will be subject to the cancellation terms specified below. Once the trip has begun, no changes can be made. Cancellation will not be without additional costs if the travel agent has already made binding payments relating to the trip, such as advance payments for flights or hotels or match tickets whose costs will not be refunded by the service producers.

A traveller is entitled to cancel the trip on the following terms
(Also read the section ‘Cancellations less than a month before departure’):
– No later than 28 days before departure, in which case an office fee of €50 per person will be charged.
– 28 days–72 hours before departure, in which case the travel agent is entitled to charge 50% of the price of the trip.
– Less than 72 hours before departure, in which case the travel agent is entitled to charge the entire price of the trip as cancellation costs.


If the traveller is faced with an unexpected and serious event and is entitled to cancel the trip in accordance with Section 15, Subsection 1, Item 3 of the Package Travel Act and the general package tour terms and conditions, we will charge a fee for the measures necessitated by the cancellation, such as services for which we have made an advance payment and for which we have no right of refund (for example, flights and accommodation services). We advise the traveller to take out travel insurance that includes cancellation coverage.


The traveller must pay for any additional services used that are not included in the price of the trip. The traveller is not entitled to receive refunds for unused services. Nor is the traveller entitled to receive any refund if he/she is not present at the place of departure at the time indicated in the itinerary and has not cancelled his/her trip before departure.


Travellers must usually check out of the hotel by 12:00 noon in accordance with international regulations, even if, for example, the return trip does not begin until the evening. In certain cases, check-out may be required earlier than this. Travellers can usually check in to the hotel after 3:00 pm.


A certain minimum number of travellers is always required for group travel. The travel agent is entitled to cancel the trip if the number of travellers is insufficient. If the travel offer has been calculated according to a certain number of travellers and the final number of travellers is smaller, the travel agent is entitled to raise the price.


Oy Pelimatkat Finland will not accept responsibility for changes beyond the travel agent’s control. The travel agent reserves the right to change the itinerary, for which reason all timetables, prices, departure dates, etc. are without obligation. We reserve the right to make changes.


We recommend that the traveller take out travel insurance before booking the trip. If travel to the destination (such as Russia) requires traveller’s insurance, the traveller must take care of this personally.


Travellers are personally responsible for obtaining a passport and getting vaccinations. In Europe, Finnish citizens will need a visa to travel to certain former CIS countries (including Russia). We also recommend that travellers check their polio and tetanus immunisation. Those travelling to Russia should also check their diphtheria immunisation.


Any complaints and remarks about the trip must be made to the travel agent’s representative at the destination immediately after the event in question has occurred. Any claims for damages must always be made to the travel agent in writing no later than two months after the end of the trip, and the travel agent will have two months to process the claim.

Limitation of liability for damages
The travel agent’s liability for transport damages is determined by what is specified for the transport in the applicable air transport act or in the Convention concerning International Carriage by Rail. The travel agent reserves the right to limit its liability for material and property damage regarding any loss of profit, significantly large remuneration or similar. In such cases, damages paid by the travel agent will not exceed €169.


If the group or its representative distributes Oy Pelimatkat Finland’s package tour products to third parties, the group and Oy Pelimatkat Finland must always have made a written sales agreement. Invoicing will be performed by Oy Pelimatkat Finland even in this case.

Oy Pelimatkat Finland is entitled either to cancel the package tour or to change its price if the minimum group size is not reached or other terms and conditions specified in writing by Oy Pelimatkat Finland are not met. Oy Pelimatkat Finland may also do this later than 21 days before departure, in which case it must immediately inform its clients of the changes made.

Oy Pelimatkat Finland will not be responsible for any harm or expenses caused by the distribution of its products to third parties if Oy Pelimatkat Finland has informed the distributor of the travel product in accordance with the actual situation during the trip.

Oy Pelimatkat Finland is entitled to product-specific special terms and conditions. If these differ from the above terms and conditions, the differences will be mentioned in the separate brochure for the product. Other than this, the general package tour terms and conditions apply. The travel agent in charge is Oy Pelimatkat Finland unless otherwise specified.