Special terms and conditions for tournament trips


Tournament/practice trips organised by Oy Pelimatkat Finland are subject to these special terms and conditions and the Package Travel Act.


The travel agent is responsible for ensuring that its package tours are in accordance with the agreement and the travellers are provided with the necessary information in accordance with the Package Travel Act. The travel agent is not responsible for arrangements not included in the package tour provided, such as feeder transport arranged by the package tour distributor and additional services requested by the traveller, such as practice matches at the destination.


The travel agent is not responsible for the tournament organiser services it distributes, such as matches or transport, meals or accommodation arranged by the tournament organiser.


The travel agent is not responsible for cancellation of tournaments, change of time or place or any errors in the tournament programme, nor any costs or loss of earnings caused to clients by these.


An agreement binding the group is formed when its contact person receives the travel agent’s order confirmation after ordering the trip. The reservation fee must be paid according to the payment terms specified.

– A reservation fee shall be paid when reserving the trip. The reservation fee will not be refunded if the client cancels the trip.
– The rest of the price must be paid no later than 30 days before departure.
– If the trip is reserved less than 30 days before departure, the entire price shall be paid upon reservation. In the event of reservation by phone, payment must be made to the bank with an urgent payment order. If the trip price or the required proportion is not paid by the date specified by the travel agent, the reservation will be cancelled.


Upon reserving the trip, the group shall indicate to the travel agent a contact person who will act as the group’s representative before, during and after the trip. The travel agent will agree with the group’s contact person on matters relating to the itinerary or the content of the trip.


The traveller is not entitled to receive refunds for unused services.


After the formation of the agreement, the travel agent is entitled, for reasons beyond its control or due to a low number of participants, to change the place of accommodation, vehicles, timetables and other travel arrangements if the changes do not substantially change the nature of the trip. The client will be notified of any changes as soon as possible, and of any changes due to a low number of participants no later than 14 days before departure.


After the formation of the agreement, the travel agent is entitled to raise, or obliged to lower, the agreed price of the trip on the following grounds: – Taxes and other public charges affecting the price of the trip have changed. – The group size differs from that indicated in the order confirmation.
– The transport costs have changed due to a reason that is beyond the travel agent’s control and that the travel agent cannot have taken into account at the time of the agreement.
– The currency rate has changed due to a decision made by the Bank of Finland or the Finnish Government.
No price changes will be made during the last 20 days before departure. If the price of the trip is raised by more than 10% from that based on the cheapest accommodation option for the same trip and date, the traveller is entitled to cancel the agreement. The travel agent must be notified of the cancellation of the agreement within a week of the date on which the traveller was informed of the price increase.


Delayed arrival at the destination or earlier departure back home is not regarded as the travel agent’s error if the change is due to a reason beyond the travel agent’s control and the time at the destination is shortened by a maximum of six hours on a trip whose duration is less than five days. If the change is due to congestion of the airspace, actions by air traffic control, exceptional weather or similar, the above amount of time is doubled. For damages occurring during air or maritime transport, account will be taken of what is specified under the applicable air transport act or the Maritime Act. The traveller cannot plead an error unless he/she notifies the travel agent of the error within a reasonable time of detecting it. An error that can be corrected at the destination must be reported to the travel agent or its representative as soon as possible. However, the travel agent’s liability for indirect and unpredictable damages is always limited to €841. Written compensation claims must be presented to the travel agent no later than one month after the end of the trip.

The prices in our offer and confirmation are based on the currency rates and price levels valid on their date. The final price may be affected by changes in currency rates (refer to section 10 of the general package tour terms and conditions). In calculating the price change, the pricing rate is compared to the currency rate that was valid six weeks before departure. The prices include VAT. Oy Pelimatkat Finland reserves the right to change the terms and conditions and other content information before concluding the agreement. The travel agent is not responsible for any typographical errors in the brochure or other publications.